Trade / Swap LVB for LVX

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Trade / Swap LVB for LVX

Postby Renron » Mon Dec 28, 2009 9:08 pm

Other than a PM to Hub, this is my first post on ASET. Very informative forum, thanks for letting me lurk.

I received for Christmas a used Iwata LPH400LVB with a purple cap, good price, wrong cap. :) I would like to trade / Swap plus a few $$$ for an LVX Orange cap. I will use the LPH for wood working and Waterborne finishes so I have no need for a Metallic Base Cap.
Being the FNG on this forum, and no previous posts, I'd be willing to first send my cap to someone with many posts who's been here a while so they will be comfortable with the trade.
I can Email photos to interested parties. The purple cap is a little scuffed on the knurl ring, but the wings and holes are clean and straight.
Thanks for the knowledge base shared by the experienced painters.

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